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By John Moore

A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood (Sony Pictures) 

While the Tom Hanks/Mr. Rogers movie didn't nab an Oscar win, this is still a remarkably strong film about anger, forgiveness and moving on. It's based on a real life meeting between a magazine writer nursing decades long anger at his dad and Fred Rogers, the subject of the writer's profile. A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood focuses on the growing relationship between the two as Fred tries to get the writer to move past his anger. If the subject had been anyone other than Mr. Rogers, this movie would have come across as too unbelievable, but the compassion and sincerity that the real Mr. Rogers radiated makes this movie hard to ignore.

The Twilight Zone Season One (CBS/Paramount)

This reboot of the classic sci-fi series (the third one, for those keeping track) boasts some great cameos along with really strong stories. Hosted by Jordan Peele, quickly becoming one of the most reliable horror writer/directors to come along in years, the show has no problems mixing politics and pop culture with its suspense making it much more relevant than earlier reboots. The only real drawback to the show is that - prior to this DVD release - was only available on CBS’ streaming site. As a result, one of the best TV thrillers has been relegated to no man's land. Kind of sounds like a Twilight Zone plot in the making.

Parasite (Universal)

This South Korean export shocked many when it took home a slew of Oscars last month including Best Picture. The only ones not shocked were those who had seen this stellar movie. A mix of dark humor and a thriller, Parasite focuses on a family of four living in squalor. Their fortunes start to change once the son impersonates a college grad and takes a job tutoring the daughter of a wealthy family. One by one, his parents and sister all con their way into various other jobs for the wealthy family. The new lives quickly devolve out of control and result in murder. Truly an extraordinary movie and unlike anything that’s been put out in years.



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